Are Dental Veneers Right for Me?
By My Dentist
June 08, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out what makes someone an ideal candidate for this cosmetic treatment in San Bernardino.

We would all love to have smiles that are as beautiful as a Hollywood movie star’s; however, it’s pretty rare to have this perfect smile naturally. VeneersThat’s where your San Bernardino cosmetic dentist Dr. Sanjay Patel comes in. While you may not have been blessed with the ideal smile at birth you can still get the smile you want without needing to have a budget like you favorite actor or actress. Find out more about dental veneers and what they can do to get you that award-winning smile.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are thin shells usually made from porcelain that are adhered to the front of your teeth by your San Bernardino cosmetic dentist Dr. Patel to hide dental flaws and problem areas. Veneers are designed to look just like the front portion of your tooth and they help cover imperfections found in the aesthetic zone.

Are dental veneers a good choice for my smile?

Porcelain veneers can offer wonderful results for a healthier looking smile, but before you can get dental veneers your San Bernardino cosmetic dentist Dr. Patel will need to evaluate your smile to make sure this is the right procedure for you. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to make sure veneers are the best option.

  • Do you have severe stains that teeth whitening can’t fix?
  • Are your teeth healthy and free of decay?
  • Are you dealing with chipped or broken teeth?
  • Are you looking to correct some minor crookedness, gaps between teeth or overlapping?
  • Do you have oddly shaped teeth?
  • Do you want to have veneers for life?

If you have said, “yes” to all of these questions then dental veneers could be an ideal solution for your smile. It’s important to note that because some healthy enamel must be removed to accommodate your veneers, this procedure is irreversible. Be sure you are ready for veneers for the rest of your life before you agree to this procedure. Dental veneers are an investment, but a long-lasting, beautiful smile is well worth it.

Have we piqued your interest when it comes to dental veneers? Want to truly find out if veneers are right for you? Then schedule a consultation with your San Bernardino cosmetic dentist Dr. Patel today. Let My Dentist help you get that red carpet smile!