Types of Dentures Available
By My Dentist California
December 31, 2015
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Multiple missing teeth take a toll on more than just your eating or speaking habits. Facial muscles sag, causing an abnormal appearance. For those ashamed of their gaps, face to face conversations may be awkward or embarrassing. Luckily, dentures can replace your missing teeth and give new life to your smile.Dentures

What kind of dentures are available? 
Dentures come in a variety of styles, suitable for most situations. They include:

  • Complete dentures: Complete dentures are recommended for patients who are missing all of their upper or lower teeth. In cases where all the teeth on both arches are missing, your dentist prescribes a set of upper and lower complete dentures. The dentures rest on the gums and are usually secured by suction to the tissues in your mouth. Since every mouth is different, dentures are custom-made, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Partial dentures: In situations where most of the teeth are missing, but several healthy natural teeth remain, teeth-supported partial dentures fill in the gaps. A hole which the natural teeth fit through secures the denture in place and decreases the chance of it moving or sliding. When a row of teeth is missing with natural teeth around it, the denture secures to the teeth around it using metal clasps.
  • Implant-secured dentures: Utilizing dental implant technology, a post is surgically placed into the jawbone below the gum tissue. This post integrates into the bone and becomes a sturdy foundation for the denture to attach to.
  • Immediate dentures: Immediate dentures eliminate the need for patients who have all or most of their teeth extracted to go without teeth during the healing process. Immediate dentures are designed based off a mold taken of the teeth prior to extraction. This allows the dentures to be ready to wear immediately after an extraction appointment.

Denture Care
Dentures should be removed and soaked in a denture cleaning solution nightly. Clean your dentures using denture cleaner and a denture brush immediately after eating to reduce the chance of bacteria forming. Brush the gums and other oral tissues and any remaining natural teeth after removing your dentures. Before replacing your dentures, be sure to rinse them with fresh water.

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