What is Extraoral Radiography?
By My Dentist
September 17, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Extraoral RadiographyFind out more about how digital radiography can lead to better dental health.

When you come into the dentist ever six months for routine care it might not seem like a necessary precaution but these regular visits ensure that your smile remains healthy. How else is your San Bernardino dentist Dr. Sanjay Patel going to make sure that nothing wreaks havoc on your smile unless you come in every six months?

The next time you come in we may also request that you get a series of X-rays. What is the purpose of these X-rays and what can they tell you about your oral health?

What is extraoral radiography?

There are different kinds of radiography used in dentistry: intraoral, digital and extraoral. Extraoral X-rays help your San Bernardino see the “big picture” when it comes to the health of your teeth, jaw and skull.

Why is an extraoral radiography performed?

This X-ray may be performed to track growth and development, to examine impacted teeth, to study the relationship between teeth and jaws, and to inspect facial bones. These X-rays are less detailed than intraoral X-rays, which look at individual teeth to detect cavities and also monitor the health of tooth roots.

What are the different types of extraoral radiography?

There are four different kinds of extraoral X-rays that your San Bernardino dentist can perform:

  • Panoramic X-rays: These give your dentist a view of your entire mouth including your teeth and both jaws.
  • Cephalometric projections: These X-rays take an image of the side of your head and help us get a better look at teeth and their relationship to the jaw. These images can be used to determine which type of braces would be best for you.
  • Cone-beam CT scan: This scanner produces 3-D images and is often used for placing and selecting dental implants.
  • Standard CT scan: This is usually performed with the patient lying down and can be used to determine both the size and location of dental implants.

If it’s time for your six-month dental visit, don’t delay. Call your San Bernardino dentist to schedule an appointment. Let My Dentist send you home with a brilliant smile and a clean bill of health.