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Trust Orthodontics to the Professionals

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THE HUMAN CAPACITY for finding different solutions to problems is nearly endless. Enough trial and error will usually be able to find an effective fix. However, we urge everyone to save the trial and error for non-medical projects. Something as complicated as moving teeth into their proper alignment should only be attempted by fully trained experts.

There’s No Substitution for Expertise

Orthodontists take many factors into account when devising a patient’s treatment plan, such as growth patterns in bones, the position of wisdom teeth, and the patient’s overall health. Someone with a few hours of internet “research” cannot compare.

Household Items Cannot Compare to Brackets and Wires

DIY braces might seem like a clever way around the expense of braces, but they are a serious gamble. Rubber bands, paper clips, earring backs, and fishing line are no substitute for brackets and wires placed using years and years of training and experience. At best, they just won’t work very well. At worst, they could cause major damage, even tooth loss.

An Infamous Cautionary Tale

One infamous example is David Campbell, who used rubber bands to try to close the gap between his front teeth. The rubber bands seemed to disappear overnight, so he added more. In reality, they were slipping underneath his gums, where they strangled the roots of his teeth. It cost him more to fix the damage and save his front teeth than it would have cost to simply get braces!

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